Irish Hacker Returns $ 2 Million Bitcoin He Stolen


Conor Freeman, who committed crimes such as identity theft and fraud with the band “The Community”, was wanted for stealing $ 2 million worth of Bitcoin. In 2018, Freeman was caught by US officials who stole cryptocurrencies from people, including famous names. Accepting his crime, the hacker returned the $ 2 million worth of Bitcoin he stole.

The 21-year-old Bitcoin hacker named Conor Freeman was arrested at his home in Ireland in May 2019 on fraud charges with an arrest warrant issued by the US authorities. Freeman stole $ 2 million worth of Bitcoin; He was wanted for many crimes such as fraud, aiding and abetting, identity theft. It was also said that if he was convicted in the USA, he would have to serve 108 years in prison.

What happened?

According to, Conor Freeman is a member of a group called “The Community” and there are 5 other people in the group besides himself. Behind the accusations made by the US officials against the group, especially for identity theft, is the allegation that the members of the group hacked their mobile phones via SIM cards. It is stated that the members of the group who stole the identities accessed the information of the users via the SIM card and seized the crypto money they had.

A member of The Community was arrested in the US in May 2018. Collaborating with the US officials, the member shared group data with the police, and numerous attacks under the name of “Conor” were found. With the ongoing research, it turned out that this person was Conor Freeman.

He was arrested at his home in Ireland in May 2019 on a warrant issued by the authorities. It is stated that Conor was previously sought for many serious crimes such as fraud, aiding and abetting, and identity theft.

He admitted the charges

Freeman, who accepted all the charges in the court he appeared on 17 July 2020, admitted that he stole hundreds of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies such as Polymath, Ethereum, worth 100 thousand euros. On May 16, 2018, Seth admitted that he stole Ethereum, Litecoin, Wax, Omisego, and LOCICoin from Seth Sharpiro, and also seized $ 167,622.22 worth of Ethereum and Bitcoin from Micheal Templeman’s accounts. Following his arrest, Conor Freeman handed over 142.75682712 Bitcoin in his possession to the court.

Judge Martin Nolan requested to release Freeman on bail, and the case was adjourned.


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