Iris West-Allen will return in Season 9 of The Flash


Candice Patton, who played Iris West-Allen in “The Flash,” will officially return in the ninth season of the popular drama “Arrow Universe.” The 8th season of “Flash” took a turn when it came to the female lead. After suffering from a chronic illness since season 7 of The Flash, Arca moved on to season 8, where Iris’ condition continued to deteriorate. After Iris disappeared from episode 15, she reappeared in season 8 of The Flash, episode 19, only to find herself in 2049 with her future children.

However, her stay was temporary, as Iris suffered from visions of time, until the big turn at the end of the first part of the season 8 finale of “The Flash”. When Barry Allen tried to blow up the Negative Forces with his lightning, Iris was summoned to 2022 and took the blow. Not only did Iris survive the explosion, the episode ended with Barry’s wife dying in his arms. Given that Nora and Bart West-Allen still exist, Iris’ death has definitely been called into question as they head into the second part of the season 8 finale of “The Flash” this week.

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As the 8th season of “Flash” is getting ready for completion, it became known about Patton’s future in the series “Arrow”. TVLine reports that Patton has officially signed a new contract to return in the 9th season of The Flash, which will premiere sometime in 2023. This means that whatever happens in the season 8 finale of The Flash, Iris will be part of the cast when the series returns for the season. 9. Patton will join returning actors Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Brandon McKnight, Kayla Compton and Dani Nicolet.

While Iris’ death was certainly one of the most important ways to end an episode of The Flash, it will never take hold. Iris, whether in the comics or in the Arrow Universe, has always been an important part of the Flash mythology. Not only is Iris Barry’s love, she plays so many important roles in the Flash’s family tree. Outside of their marriage, Iris is one of the well-known Arrowverse journalists, as Flash has researched the growth of her media empire. With Patton’s return in season 9 of The Flash, her story continues.

Since Iris will return in season 9 of The Flash, it remains to be seen how the Season 8 finale of The Flash will handle her death and resurrection. Now that Patton has signed a new contract, the only cast The Flash is losing this season is Joe West, played by Jesse L. Martin. Although Martin will star in the new NBC pilot, the actor is expected to appear in several episodes next season, but it’s unclear exactly how many. If the 9th season of “Flash” turns out to be the last for the show, it’s still great that the main character will appear in it again, because everything would have been different if Iris hadn’t been there until the end.