Iris Mittenaere wrapped in her white linens!


In Story of her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere shared a video where she appeared hot wrapped in her white sheets!

While the year 2021 has only just begun, Iris Mittenaere is already making plans. And the least we can say is that she has several surprises for her Instagram fans. They can’t wait to see what she has in store.

In an interview with Paris Match, Iris Mittenaere also made confidences about her projects for 2021. She confided: “I am lucky to be on TF1, I am influencing, modeling, radio on Chérie FM ”.

Iris Mittenaere also added: “So I have the chance to do everything that I have always dreamed of, to test several trades. I didn’t want to choose just one. For 2021, I have projects coming up, which I hope will be successful. ”

And the least we can say is that the young woman is not really unemployed. It connects projects but also successes. Not long ago, she also opened up about a very busy day.


Iris Mitteanere revealed that she made: “Today’s shoot. The latest photo selections made. A written chronicle. A visit to the site. From accounting ”.

This Thursday, January 21, she has continued the projects. Indeed, the former Miss France has shared a new video in Story from her Instagram account. In the middle of the shooting, Iris Mittenaere unveiled a little preview to the delight of her fans.

The former Miss Universe also struck a pose wrapped in her white sheets. She displayed herself naked, with a magazine in her hands. Always well-dressed and made-up, she did not fail to win unanimous support on the social network.

Iris Mittenaere has also revealed that it was Alix Debeer who did this shoot with Paul Duchemin. She also relies on the best to have great results. Case to follow!


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