Iris Mittenaere winks at her darling Diego on Chérie FM!


In Story of her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere shared a video where she made a tender statement to Diego on Chérie FM!

For almost a year, Iris Mittenaere has had an idyllic relationship with Diego El Glaoui. This is the first time that she has decided to post her sweetheart on social media. One thing is certain, he makes her very happy.

In just a few months, Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui have already made trips all over the world. Indeed, they went to New York, Saint Martin, Morocco, Greece, Corsica but also to the Maldives.

One thing is certain, Iris Mittenaere is enjoying her life to the fullest with her darling. And it was only natural that she made a lovely declaration of love for him on his birthday as well.

Indeed, the influencer The young woman took advantage of his morning on Chérie FM to do so. This Monday, January 11, she also shared an excerpt from her adorable wink to her darling Diego El Glaoui.


In Story of her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere shared a new video. She appeared at Chérie Fm’s microphone. Before starting, she confided with her most beautiful voice: “Happy birthday to Diego, my darling”.

A nice message of love that did not fail to crack down on her fans and her darling. To mark the occasion on her Instagram account, she also unveiled a black and white photo with the beautiful brown.

Iris Mittenaere showed off a really, very sensual pic where she displayed herself about to give Diego a kiss. In caption, the former Miss France and Miss Universe also wrote: “Your day. My whole life. ”

To be translated by “Your day, all my life”. Under his photo, his darling then replied: “My Angel”. What Iris Mittenaere wrote: “Happy birthday my love”. They made the fans crack!


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