Iris Mittenaere will publish one of her radio columns on!


Iris Mittenaere is enjoying huge success on Instagram. The stalette wishes to share its Chérie FM chronicles on the social network.

Iris Mittenaere has enjoyed enormous success since her election as Miss France. The star wants to share her best Chérie FM reviews on Instagram.

Iris Mittenaere is a true radio enthusiast. Since her election as Miss France in 2016, the starlet has enjoyed enormous success. Indeed, it has come a long way and fans can see it on TF1 in TV shows. Then, more recently, the latter turned to radio.

Diego’s sweetheart is very happy to do a few morning shows on Chérie FM. It has been several months since she started her job and she still enjoys it so much. Thus, she does not hesitate to talk about what excites her, whether it is about lifestyle or about subjects around series and films.

Iris Mittenaere can therefore interact several times a week with her fans via the radio. She goes all out for her show and even works a lot to keep her columns. Besides, she’s already made quite a schedule for this week.

However, many fans want his columns to appear on Instagram. As a result, they could enjoy it whenever they want and not miss a thing. The star seems ready to please them.


Iris Mittenaere plans to talk about several lifestyle topics this week, such as staying hydrated throughout the day or tidying up your things. Topics that she seem to draw mostly from her everyday life. Thus, it appeals to fans who only ask to be able to see his columns on Instagram.

“A lot of you want the reviews on Insta … You can’t put it all together so I’ll put your favorite,” she wrote.

Thus, very quickly, she offered them a small selection and awaits their many votes to unveil a column of Chérie FM on the social network. Iris Mittenaere therefore seems very attentive to her 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

Finally, she often shares details of her private life and reveals very beautiful photos on the social network. The starlet wants to be brighter than ever and everything seems to smile on her. Her job on the radio suits her wonderfully and she can count on the support of her fans.


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