Iris Mittenaere was struck by her family’s surprise!


Iris Mittenaere still can’t believe it! Her family has reserved an incredible surprise for her for her 28th birthday! Quickly discover her gift!

Iris Mittenaere won’t be forgetting her 28th birthday anytime soon! Indeed, the bomb had the right to an incredible surprise on behalf of all her family.

Iris Mittenaere is very active on the Web. Indeed, the It-girl can’t help but share her days with her fans. She thus films all her adventures via her Instagram story.

Yesterday, the bomb took her community on a very special day. And for good reason: the pretty brunette was celebrating her 28th birthday!

The former Miss started her day in the studios of Chérie FM to record her column. What the star didn’t know was that the entire crew had prepared a huge surprise for her for the show. We love !

Iris Mittenaere therefore received a very special visit during her time on the radio. Indeed, her family broke into the studio with a huge gift!

The pretty brunette saw her mom, her darling and her handsome daddy appear behind her. So she couldn’t hold back her tears when she discovered this incredible surprise!

As always, Iris Mittenaere was quick to share this mishap with her fans. She thus unveiled the video of the surprise on her Instagram profile.


We can find the top very concentrated in her radio show. Suddenly, the young woman turns her head and finally discovers her relatives.

Iris Mittenaere can’t help but cry. It must be said that she did not expect such a visit during her show!

Diego’s sweetheart then opens a huge gift filled with balloons. No doubt: her family has thought of everything to make her day unique!

Iris Mittenaere does not hide her emotion. She writes in the caption: “A few years ago I was helped to blow out my candles, and today they give me the nicest surprises”.

“Me who thought I was spending my birthday face to face with my lover … the look I had! “. The bomb is not ready to forget its 28 years anytime soon!

Iris Mittenaere was also very spoiled by her fans. The former Miss has received thousands of birthday messages on Instagram. She takes care to thank her community: “Thank you all for your birthday messages. I like You “.

The sulphurous brunette therefore had a dream day for her 28th birthday. In the evening, the top had the right to an ultra romantic evening with her darling Diego El Glaoui. Enough to end her birthday in style!

The It-girl is thus reboosted to block after her 28 years. She also took advantage of her message to promise her fans a new year full of great projects! We can’t wait to learn more!


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