Iris Mittenaere was inspired by “Emily in Paris”!


Iris Mittenaere was inspired by Emily in Paris to film her latest fashion campaign. And the result is superb! We show you!

Iris Mittenaere has imagined a new fashion collection! And surprise! The star took to the streets of Paris to show off her creations! And it’s hot!

Iris Mittenaere continues to impress us over the months! Indeed, the pretty brunette multiplies professional projects. And nothing seems to stop him!

Radio, television, fashion… the it girl is everywhere! Her fans are therefore more and more numerous to follow her to see her new exploits!

Yesterday, Iris Mittenaere unveiled a big project on her Instagram page. Indeed, the top collaborated with the Morgan de toi brand for the second consecutive year!

This time, Diego’s sweetheart had carte blanche to create her own line of clothing. She thus imagined very Parisian looks. We love !

Iris Mittenaere shared the first images of her fashion campaign. We can then discover it more glamorous than ever in the streets of Paris.


Iris Mittenaere puts herself in the shoes of Emily in Paris and goes on dates like a real working girl! But that’s not all ! The top also takes advantage of this video to show the secrets of her clothes!

The top explains in the caption: “From the first drawings to the final shoot, it’s a lot of work! But above all it’s a great adventure that I have the chance to experience with a great team! ”

The fashionista is therefore very proud of this new project. She then says: “I hope you will like this sincerity, this shared work, done with the heart! “.

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Internet users have therefore been numerous to give their opinion in the comments. And the latter seem conquered by the work of their idol!

“It’s sublime”, “A collection in your image! Chic and elegant ”,“ Too beautiful! “,” I’m a fan! »We can read among the reactions. So it’s a perfect match for the pretty Iris Mittenaere!


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