Iris Mittenaere wakes up in a more than luxurious setting!


Beauty queen Iris Mittenaere and her darling have just arrived in Morocco! Thus, the couple is accommodated in an ultra luxurious villa!

Iris Mittenaere has just woken up in a luxurious setting! Indeed, the beauty queen and her darling have just put their bags in a magnificent villa in Marrakech!

Saint-Martin, Greece and now Morocco… Iris Mittenaere and her darling Diego El Glaoui love to travel! Indeed, the couple has just landed in Marrakech! Thus, the beautiful brunette has already posted several videos via her Instagram story!

Indeed, the beauty queen has published an image of the swimming pool of her luxurious villa! A dream setting that the 2 lovebirds will therefore appreciate during their dream stay in Morocco!

We let you admire an image of the pool in question below! This is obviously a screenshot of the beautiful Iris Mittenaere’s Instagram story!


As soon as she arrived on Moroccan soil, Iris Mittenaere has already posted several photos of her in the country! Indeed, the young woman has published several pictures of her … Accompanied by kids!

Too cute pictures that the beautiful brunette captioned as follows: “When I wake up in my slippers … and I discover this wonderful show 😱😍 (the third photo is really my head when I saw them!) We have it! what is this little baby called? ”

A post that many Iris Mittenaere fans have commented on! “Welcome to Morocco Iris! The photos are so cute! “” Love it, this little animal is so adorable! ”

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Can we read on the social network of the beautiful Iris! Adorable comments that will please the latter! So we let you in turn admire the pictures in question of the beautiful brunette below!


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