Iris Mittenaere very proud of her cover with 4 other Misses!


Iris Mittenaere has come a long way since her election as Miss France. She is however very proud to have been able to pose with other Miss.

Iris Mittenaere has a very successful career and her popularity has exploded since her election as Miss France in 2016. The star has reunited with former Miss to make the front page of the Gala.

Iris Mittenaere has enjoyed tremendous success since being named Miss France as well as Miss Universe. Since then, the star is everywhere and has managed to make a place for himself on TV. Indeed, it presents some programs as well as the Loto on TF1.

Then, recently, Diego’s sweetheart has been doing a few morning shows on the radio for Chérie FM. Looks like she loves her new job and has a great time presenting topics that she loves. So, even confined, she speaks up and tries to make her fans smile.

Iris Mittenaere is therefore fulfilled professionally, but also personally. Indeed, she spins the perfect love alongside Diego El Glaoui and everything seems to smile on her. Thus, the star wants to be grateful for all the progress made in recent years.

The 27-year-old star is well aware that she owes her success, in part, to the Miss France election. So, for Gala, she did not hesitate to strike a pose with other girls and is very proud of it.


A few days ago, Iris Mittenaere did a superb photo shoot for Gala. Indeed, the star took the pose with Linda Hardy, Elodie Gossuin, Sonia Rolland as well as Sylvie Tellier. For the media, they represent the “5 emblematic Miss France”.

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The starlet and her comrades had a pretty good time during the photoshoot. They took the pose in all black and leather outfits that come from the luxury brand Jitrois. Gala released its special number this Wednesday, November 11 and Iris does not hide her joy.

Iris Mittenaere spun to a newsstand to buy the new issue of Gala. It was out of the question for her to miss the opportunity to find out the results of her shoot with the other Misses. In any case, she seems rather happy to have it in her hands.

“I have it!” She wrote as she turned the pages of the magazine. The starlet will surely keep this pretty Gala number as a souvenir. Finally, fans will be able to learn a little more about the former Miss France 2016 and discover her beautiful looks.


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