Iris Mittenaere very classy in video with dog in her arms!


On her Instagram account, the beautiful Iris Mittenaere shared a video where she appeared really very classy with a small dog!

Very active on social networks, Iris Mittenaere very often reveals her daily life to her fans. But that’s not all. She also highlights her best outfits. Recently she shared a very classy video.

This Thursday, February 25, Iris Mittenaere posted a new video on her Instagram account. She showed off with a very chic outfit. She opted for beige linen pants and a small beige blouse.

To complete her look, Iris Mittenaere also chose a long beige coat, beautiful brown mules and a small white and brown bag. But that’s not all. The young woman appeared with an adorable little dog in her arms.

With her video, the former Miss Universe also showcased her gorgeous body. She posted her ultra flat stomach on the social network. Her outfit also won over fans on Instagram.

In the caption of her Instagram video, the young woman also wrote: “Look at my new accessory! Like the two of us, you can’t wait to see the Tod’s show? It’s Friday at 3 p.m. on Tods! Ps: do we validate my partner? “.

With her video, Iris Mittenaere has collected more than 30,500 “likes” in just three hours from her fans. In the comments, the latter did not hesitate to compliment her. They fell under her spell.

Iris Mittenaere very classy in a video with a dog in her arms!


They wrote to Iris Mittenaere: “Canon! I love the bag. “,” Beautiful Iris. “,” This elegance at all times. “, ” It is very beautiful ! »,« So there canon this video. »But also« Superb look. I love little mules “.

But that’s not all. Some also told Iris Mittenaere that she was lucky to show off with this little dog. It must be said that the latter has melted more than one on the social network.

Fans said: “I already have gommino but not this beautiful doggie.” “The bag is beautiful and so is the little dog. “But also” Oh but too sweet your new partner, we will have to adopt him “.

Iris Mittenaere also revealed: “My dream of having a dog (and the bag is not talking about it)”. Another asked him the breed of the dog. To which the beautiful blonde replied: “Pomsky !! The dog of my dreams! “.

Diego El Glaoui’s sweetheart had previously mentioned the wish for a small dog. It must be said that she clearly fell in love with her best friend’s dog, Camille Cerf.

As a reminder, the latter adopted an adorable Pomeranian. Camille Cerf often shares her little bear on social media to the delight of fans and Iris Mittenaere. Case to follow!


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