Iris Mittenaere very classy in the rain in Paris sur!


Iris Mittenaere appears more beautiful than ever in the rain in Paris! Check out the model’s latest shoot on Instagram.

To the delight of her millions of fans, Iris Mittenaere has just revealed her latest photo shoot on Instagram. The very famous photo model has a blast in the rain in Paris!

With more than 2.6 million subscribers on Instagram, Iris Mittenaere then emerges as one of the most influential French bloggers of the moment.

On the Web, the catwalks and the small screen, the beauty queen is causing a sensation! It’s simple, everyone loves it and admires it.

Her huge numbers of fans don’t hesitate to let her know, especially by supporting her en masse in each of her projects.

They thus follow the activity of their idol with the greatest attention on social networks, in search of new nuggets.

And yet, there are many! Between photo shoots, little moments with her sweetheart, fashion and beauty advice, and brand new ads, Internet users don’t really have time to be bored.

And to their delight, Iris Mittenaere has just shared new pictures on her Instagram account. We love !

The one who shares the life of Diego El Glaoui thus poses in the rain in Paris.


Very active on social networks, Iris Mittenaere feeds each day her various accounts of photos, each more sublime than the next.

In a very classy dress, in a casual outfit and even in a swimsuit, everything goes! The ex Miss France then puts everyone in agreement each time.

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On Wednesday, January 13, the beauty queen did it again with a whole new series of images. Something to delight her millions of fans.

She strikes a pose on the Etoile roundabout in Paris and seems to be having a blast in the rain. The mannequin lights up the capital, even in gray weather!

Besides, her outfit is rocking! So she wears a long coat with a houndstooth pattern, a black blouse with a white collar and very beautiful thigh-high boots.

Of course, the weather demands that she have an umbrella! And for once, impossible to miss it… It is huge and takes up a good part of the space on the photos.

Under the spell, Internet users then reacted en masse to their idol’s new post. Thus, compliments are flowing in the comments area.

You will understand, so it’s one more card for the beautiful Iris Mittenaere. Miss Universe 2016 once again puts everyone in agreement on the platform!

We let you admire, but … Watch your eyes.


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