Iris Mittenaere: users were disappointed by its looks!


Beauty queen Iris Mittenaere has been the target of heavy criticism on Twitter since the Ninja Warrior show aired!

Saturday January 23, 2021, following the broadcast of Ninja Warrior, Iris Mittenaere was the target of sharp criticism on the Web!

Since January 3, the new season of Ninja Warrior has started on TF1! A program presented by the following trio of hosts: Iris Mittenaere, Denis Brogniart and Christophe Beaugrand.

Only here, over the shows, the sublime beauty queen does not seem to find her place! Worse, the latter speaks very little on the show. Thus, many Internet users have reported their dissatisfaction!

Indeed on Twitter, the beautiful Iris Mittenaere is much criticized for her performance on the show! Some even think she is literally the green plant of the program!


Following yesterday’s broadcast, Internet users let loose on Twitter! Indeed, they wanted to express their dissatisfaction! And for good reason, the latter find that Iris Mittenaere’s speaking time is reduced compared to other presenters!

Why does Iris have index cards she doesn’t even read them? “” I bought a microphone, I am practicing speaking in it, I am thinking of applying to replace Iris next season! ”

Or again: “Why don’t they want to let Iris Mittenaere speak!” You can tell she has less text than the others… That’s not cool for her! “Notice to all Iris fans… There’s no point watching Ninja Warrior because she never speaks up!” ”

“I look for basic Iris because I love this woman … But frankly, I’m going to skip because it’s no use we can’t hear her! »We can read on the social network!

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Quite virulent comments! However, the beautiful Iris did not react to this wave of hatred!


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