Iris Mittenaere unveils Miss France 2021 outfit!


On her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere shared a video where she revealed a little more about her sublime Miss France 2021 outfit!

This Saturday, December 19, TF1 broadcast the 100th edition of Miss France. Occasionally former Misses were on the jury. This is also the case with the beautiful Iris Mittenaere. The latter unveiled incredible outfits.

On her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere has shared a new video. The pretty blonde revealed a little more about her look during this very special evening. She had taken advantage of her confinement at Mont Blanc to parade with her outfits.

At first, Iris Mittenaere showed up going down the stairs of her chalet wearing only a white bodysuit and a black train. A few seconds later, she appeared with a dazzling look.

Indeed, the young woman has opted for a magnificent jumpsuit with sequins. To complete her outfit, she also chose a huge princess train in gray tones with glitter. A look that dazzled his fans.


For her latest outfit, Iris Mittenaere opted for a short dress, always in gray tones, and with sequins. The latter has also highlighted her long slender legs on the social network.

Regardless of her dress, the former Miss Universe was also very popular with her fans. In the caption of her video, she also asked her fans: “Magic. Long or short version? “. It has collected more than 166,000 views.

The young woman also unveiled the artist of these sublime creations. This is Nicolas Fafiotte. In the comments, subscribers have 100% validated her different outfits for Miss France 2021.

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They also said: “What about me who thinks she should be re-elected Miss 2021? »,« Incredibly beautiful for me you remain the prettiest of all the misses. “But also” I love it with a preference for the long term “.


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