Iris Mittenaere unveils her first couple photo with Diego!


Iris Mittenaere shared her very first photo with Diego! And surprise! The couple were already very close after their meeting!

Iris Mittenaere shared an unseen photo on her Instagram account. The bomb unveiled her first couple shoot with Diego El Glaoui. Something to melt the hearts of his fans! We show you …

Between Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui, it’s a story that lasts! Indeed, the lovebirds have not left each other since their meeting in 2019.

The duo are making the most of this new life together. They travel the world together and always have ultra romantic vacations.

The former Miss has also gotten into the habit of showing off her sweetheart Diego on her social media. And lovers love to share their best couple photos with their fans! We love !

But beware ! Iris Mittenaere hasn’t always put her boyfriend on the web. Indeed, it took several months for the former Miss dare to reveal Diego’s face on her profile!

The first photos of Iris and her lover are therefore rather rare on the web. However, the two stars were already doing many shoots together at the start of their relationship. Photos that have remained very secret to this day!


Iris Mittenaere has decided to break the silence about her first months of love with Diego. Indeed, the star has unveiled her very first couple photo with her man.

We can then discover a superb photo taken in the streets of Paris. The lovers embrace and are already very complicit. Diego can’t hide his joy in posing alongside his sweetheart! Adorable!

Iris Mittenaere particularly appreciates this pretty shot. And for good reason: this is her very first photo shoot with her man.

The star therefore decided to put the photo in the background to remember this unique moment! Like what, the latter is still crazy about her man.


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