Iris Mittenaere uneasy for Christmas away from France


In Story of her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere confided that she was uncomfortable to make Christmas Eve far from France!

For several days now, Iris Mittenaere has been enjoying a wonderful stay in Morocco. To spend the end of the year celebrations, Diego El Glaoui’s sweetheart is going to celebrate Christmas away from France and her family.

This Thursday, December 24, Iris Mittenaere shared a new photo in Story from her Instagram account. The pretty blonde told her fans that she was not feeling very well. The reason ? She is doing Christmas Eve far from France.

Iris Mittenaere said: “It’s a bit special for me too. Diego has always celebrated Christmas in Morocco. He is Franco Moroccan. So we had planned Christmas for 1 year here, with her family ”.

Iris Mittenaere also added: “This is the first time I’ve had Christmas without a tree and with sunshine. I’m not complaining. But it’s also the second time I’ve had Christmas without my family ”.


Iris Mittenaere explained: “Last year I was on stage at the Paradis Latin for Christmas. Professional obligation requires. And this year, they couldn’t make it. So it’s quite special “.

The former Miss Universe still shared her feelings about the moment. Indeed, the pretty blonde revealed: “But I’m happy to be with him, to be surrounded. And to celebrate this beautiful celebration with a beautiful table ”.

Finally, the former Miss France also told her followers, “Christmas is just a date. The important thing is to have good times with the family. Even if it is to be done in 3 months “.

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If she seems sad not to be able to spend New Years Eve with her family in France, the young woman still reassured her fans: she is doing very well. The beauty will surely make Christmas with her loved ones when she returns.


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