Iris Mittenaere thinks she’s Princess Jasmine!


On Instagram, Iris Mittenaere took for Princess Jasmine, in Aladdin. Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more right away!

Currently in a dream villa in Marrakech, Iris Mittenaere has the impression of being Princess Jasmine in Aladdin!

Iris Mittenaere is very active on social networks.

Indeed, the ex-Miss France and Miss Universe shares her entire life on Instagram. Very cool !

Yes, every day, you can follow her dream daily life via her Insta account, on which she shares pictures of her outings with friends, of her hikes with her darling, but also of her dream trips.

Moreover, at this very moment, Iris Mittenaere is in Marrakech in a sublime hotel in villa mode, with swimming pool! Luck !

Yes, in her Story Insta, the pretty brunette even shared some images of this incredible villa. And frankly, in this dream setting worthy of a Thousand and One Nights tale, Iris has something to think of as Jasmine.

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more right away!


Currently in Marrakech, Iris Mittenaere is therefore enjoying a wonderful stay with her darling Diego. Luck !

And once again, on the accommodation side, the pretty brunette had fun.

Indeed, Iris lives in a sublime villa with swimming pool. And frankly, the interior clearly sells us dreams!

Yes, the decor clearly evokes the tales of the Thousand and One Nights, and Aladdin! And for good reason: many paper lanterns are hung from the ceiling, and the rooms are filled with candles!

In short, an idyllic setting.

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So inevitably, in this dream environment, we understand that Iris thinks a little for Princess Jasmine!

At the same time, between Beauty Queen and Princess there is only one step!

One thing is certain: we hope that the pretty brunette will enjoy her stay!


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