Iris Mittenaere: Robin Hood ex Anthony Colette!


Iris Mittenaere dated Anthony Colette for a while. The DALS dancer looked sexy with the shirt open on Instagram.

Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette flirted for a while. The ex of Miss France 2016 ignited the web with the shirt open on Instagram.

Anthony Colette talks about him a lot. A few years ago, the professional dancer of Dance with the Stars met Iris Mittenaere. The Miss France 2016 indeed participated in the show in season 9 and did many fiery tangos with the dancer.

The two stars were one of the flagship duos of the TF1 show. And for good reason, the fans found them very accomplices and there was a lot of chemistry between them. However, it was no coincidence that the Miss and the dancer got along so well. Indeed, they flirted a few months together.

“We loved each other right away. And we went out together… With Iris Mittenaere, we lived our story. It was a very beautiful story…. », Anthony Colette told Télé-Loisirs after their breakup. The two stars seem to have remained on good terms and have fond memories of the show.

However, a few years later, the two celebrities took different paths. Miss France is in a relationship with Diego El Glaoui and seems more fulfilled than ever. For his part, the handsome dancer will soon have the chance to join the cast of the soap opera Tomorrow belongs to us.

Iris Mittenaere: her sexy ex Anthony Colette in Robin Hood mode!


Iris Mittenaere’s ex will soon be able to star alongside Ingrid Chauvin and the rest of the cast of Tomorrow Belongs to Us. We already know that he will put himself in the shoes of Hadrian, Alma’s son. So Samuel will meet him very soon and we can not wait to see how it will turn out.

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Anthony Colette’s character is described as a “bon vivant, positive and solar”. He is going to Sète to spend time with his mother. The professional dancer seems very happy to have got a part in the soap opera. In fact, not long ago, he ignited the web on Instagram.

Anthony Colette has therefore a busy schedule lately. However, Tuesday February 23, he took the time to take some photos on Instagram. So, early in the morning, the ex of Iris Mittenaere flaunted her shirt slightly open and showed off her beautiful hair.

Anthony Colette seemed a little thoughtful, or… not very awake yet! “Man of the woods,” he wrote in the photo. However, we suspect that this photo must have given a smile to all his fans. Her community must have had a great day after discovering her photo. Finally, it is clear that the dancer still has so much charm and does not hesitate to play it on social networks.


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