Iris Mittenaere reveals her spot to work during confinement!


In Story on her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere shared a photo where she showed the best place to go to confinement!

Despite the confinement, Iris Mittenaere still continues to work. On the other hand, she decided to leave her apartment in Paris with her darling Diego El Glaoui. The two have opted for a nicer place!

Indeed, for a few days already Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui have opted for the mountain. The lovebirds have gone green in an idyllic place. They also made their fans dream with their spot, facing Mont Blanc.

But if Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui can enjoy this incredible view of Mont Blanc, they still have to work. They still continue to give news to their fans on social networks.

This Monday, November 9, the former Miss France posted a new photo in the Story of her Instagram account. Indeed, she unveiled the magnificent place where she could telework with her darling.


Iris Mittenaere flaunted herself in the bright sun, her hair tied up and wearing a white top. She struck a pose on the steps of her chalet. For her part, Diego El Glaoui also took advantage of the sun.

The former Miss Universe struck a pose with her computer in her lap. But that’s not all. In the caption of her photo, she also wrote: “New Office” to be translated by “Nouveau bureau”.

One thing is certain, she has made more than one dream on the social network. It must be said that many people would like to work in such a healthy place.

If the presenter keeps working, she won’t forget her fans. Recently, she confided that she would be doing a live speed dating. Its subscribers are eager to learn more about it. And what she can prepare well. To be continued!


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