Iris Mittenaere really addicted to cosmetic surgery?


Iris Mittenaere is always in top form on Instagram. The star recently confided in cosmetic surgery. Iris Mittenaere has been a huge success since her election as Miss France in 2016. Diego’s sweetheart sincerely responded to her fans about cosmetic surgery.

Iris Mittenaere, really natural? The star stepped out of the shadows in 2016 when she was elected Miss France. Very quickly, her charm conquered the French to the point that she was named Miss Universe the same year. Since then, her life has changed a lot and she is living a true fairy tale.

The 27-year-old star has over 2.6 million Instagram followers and is more popular than ever. Thus, she does not hesitate to share parts of her private life and very often reveals very beautiful photos of herself. In fact, she doesn’t hesitate to create a buzz by appearing in very beautiful places in sexy outfits or in swimsuits.

Fans can also find the starlet on TF1 in some shows like Ninja Warrior. Then, for a few months, she has also been doing the morning shows at Chérie FM and her job seems to be a real passion. In fact, she speaks on many topics that are close to her heart and loves to interact with her fans on social networks.

So what’s Iris Mittenaere’s secret to staying so slim and beautiful? Fans are still in awe of his stunning physique and some are wondering. Thus, she wanted to take stock of cosmetic surgery and wanted to clarify things with them on Instagram.


Iris Mittenaere has the gift to charm her subscribers with her very beautiful shapes on Instagram. Many blush when they discover her in a swimsuit at the beach. Thus, some wonder if Diego’s sweetheart ended up succumbing to cosmetic surgery. However, it seems that everything is natural in the young woman.

This Tuesday, January 19, an Internet user asked Iris if she had had her breasts redone. This is a question that seems to have intrigued the former Miss and wasted no time in answering it. Indeed, she wishes to remain as transparent as possible with them and therefore answered very sincerely.

“I have never had cosmetic surgery. I’m not against it, I didn’t want to. I like the natural, ”she told her fans on the social network. So Iris Mittenaere’s chest looks natural and so does her flat stomach and pretty legs.

Enough to calm some Internet users who accuse him of having gone under the knife. Thus, the starlet only relies on her long sports sessions in order to keep fit and have a dream body. Finally, she said she loves to eat and never denies herself! This is his recipe for happiness.


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