Iris Mittenaere ready to become a mother very soon?


Happiness, they live it together. At least for the moment. Between Diego El Glaoui and Iris Mittenaere, it is crazy love. The two lovebirds cannot imagine their future without each other.

Indeed, the brother of influencer Kenza Sadoun El Glaoui and the former Miss Universe 2016 see things big. But what are their plans?

This is a question that comes up often in the private messages of the beauty queen. So, the young woman gives them a question-answer session on her Instagram account.

Thus, the questions about a possible motherhood are becoming more and more redundant. Rather than turning a deaf ear, the lottery host prefers to be honest.

To the question “Do you want children later?” Iris Mittenaere replies with the affirmation. “This question comes up often … Yes I would love to, if life grants it to me in a few years,” she replies.

You will understand: the former Miss France 2016 would love to become a mother. But we have to believe that the model does not feel ready yet!


For now, Iris Mittenaere is delighted “to have an amazing nephew and niece.” Taking care of those little ends allows her to be patient before the time comes.

Indeed, the young woman cannot give birth to a child so soon. Due to a busy schedule, she is running out of time!

So, everything in its time. Especially since Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui are not yet fully settled in their love nest – an apartment bought over a year ago.

“We are going to live there in 2021 with Diego even if the confinement made us think a lot and we have small desires elsewhere … I would like to move then to maybe have a little more space”, admits- she does.

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