Iris Mittenaere: her rare confidences about Manon, her 18-year-old sister!


Iris Mittenaere seems to be an only girl, but in reality she has a little sister Manon, aged 18, yet she never talks about it! Here are the few secrets of the young woman about him, we tell you!

Indeed, Iris Mittenaere is not the only girl in the family, her little sister Manon is 18 years old and she too is successful on Instagram. It has 15 000 subscribers, and already seems very comfortable in front of the goal! As much to tell you that she will follow a path similar to that of her sister. Not as a beauty queen but rather as an influencer, that’s for sure! Besides, her big sister is proud of her and support!

The former Miss Universe was the guest of “The Screenless Interview” season 3. During this interview the young woman confided on a lot of relevant topics like her projects, her dreams of appearing in a bollywood movie . Or the sexism she suffered throughout her reign. But above all, she talks about her little sister Manon!

The little sister of Iris Mittenaere is very active on the networks, especially on Instagram where she is followed by 15,400 subscribers. Besides, the young woman seems to have a good sense of humor, on her presentation she wrote: “I’m like my sister but worse.” Her big sister is very proud of her and does not hide it! “She is too beautiful, Iris enthuses. I have a lot of pride. I do not see her grow, it is true that there, she celebrated her 18 years in early November. And I said to myself ‘already, but no!’ It’s my little sister, it’s a little baby and I can not realize she’s already 18 years old. I see his pictures, that’s what! Said the former Miss France.

Iris Mittenaere declares that she watches over her little sister closely! “I give him advice. I told her not to go too fast and I told her to be careful, to pay attention also to others and pay attention to her because it is true that at this age we tend to want to do very quickly. Iris confided.


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