Iris Mittenaere radiant to parade in leather shorts on!


Iris Mittenaere is always in top form on Instagram. The starlet unveiled her outfit of the day and looks radiant.

Iris Mittenaere has become a fashion and beauty icon. The former Miss appeared in shorts and a shirt on Instagram and caused a stir.

Iris Mittenaere is still beautiful. The star has enjoyed enormous success since her election as Miss France in 2016. She quickly won the hearts of the French to the point of being named Miss Universe the same year. Since then, the starlet has come a long way and wants to be more popular than ever.

Indeed, her fans can find her on TF1 in some shows like Ninja Warrior. Then, for several months, the 27-year-old star has been taking care of the morning shows on Chérie FM. She does not hesitate to talk about many topics that are close to her heart and even shares them with her fans on Instagram.

Thus, Iris Mittenaere wants to be very active and talks about subjects that resemble her. It seems to be working pretty well and she works really hard to prepare all of her shows. Nevertheless, she takes this very seriously, because radio seems to have become a real passion for her. She still has a smile and that feels good!

In the midst of Covid-19, Diego’s sweetheart is good for the morale of his fans. Besides, she does not hesitate to dazzle them with very beautiful outfits on the social network. Not long ago, she posed in a beautiful leather shorts.


This Wednesday, January 20, Iris Mittenaere wanted to share one of her favorite outfits. So, while in a building, she took the time to film her daily clothes. So we find her in black tights with high waisted leather shorts. Her shorts show off her long, slender legs and she paired it with a white and black shirt.

Then, in order not to catch cold, the star opted for a long beige coat. She seemed very happy to show off her outfit and her fans must have loved her wintery look. Besides, we suspect that many will want to steal his look.

So how does Iris Mittenaere keep herself so beautiful? Some Internet users have thought many times that the young woman had recourse to cosmetic surgery. So, not long ago, she wanted to clarify things. “I’ve never had cosmetic surgery,” she said on Instagram. Then she ended up admitting that she liked the “natural” above all.

Thus, the starlet is simply beautiful naturally and owes it only to herself. To keep in shape, she engages in numerous intensive sports sessions. However, she does not hesitate to have fun and admits that she never deprives herself in terms of food. It seems like this is her secret recipe for staying so bright.


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