Iris Mittenaere questioned on Twitter about Ninja Warrior!


On social networks, a user did not hesitate to ask Iris Mittenaere for advice on the Ninja Warrior show! Since 2018, Iris Mittenaere has co-hosted Ninja Warrior alongside Denis Brogniart and Christophe Beaugrand. But before becoming a host for the program, the pretty blonde herself participated. She has made the terrible journey.

It was in 2016 that fans got to see Iris Mittenaere on the side of the Ninja Warrior contestants. And the least that can be said is that it had not gone unnoticed. From now on, it is located with the animators.

For several weeks, Iris Mittenaere has been back on TF1. Indeed, the new season of Ninja Warrior is broadcast. And as always, he has more formidable athletes than in previous years.

The show has been on the air for a while and has been a hit with fans. This Saturday, January 17, TF1 welcomed the very good ratings of Ninja Warrior.

The channel said on its Twitter account: “Big success for Ninja Warrior season 5! (…) With 3.8 million fans “.


The fans looked very happy. A fan then asked Iris Mittenaere about the show. He wrote on Twitter: “Wish I knew how to apply for NW.”

The fan also said he wanted to enroll “a top athletic friend with a touching story. I never received a response. You have to be boosted? Or have knowledge? “.

Iris Mittenaere did not respond to this fan. But Christophe Beaugrand did it. In fact, he replied: “In principle no. But send it to me on this email address. I will forward: [email protected] ”.

A very nice gesture from the young man. It remains to be seen if this fan will see his sports friend in Ninja Warrior in the coming seasons. It will take patience to find out. Case to follow!


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