Iris Mittenaere presents itself with a crown


Iris Mittenaere fans are in heaven! The young woman is displayed with a brand new crown on the Web. And it is splendid!

Is Iris Mittenaere nostalgic for her Miss Universe and Miss France year? The top had fun wearing a new crown on Instagram. And her fans loved it! We let you discover in the rest of the article …

Iris Mittenaere is one of the most popular former Miss France on the Web. Indeed, the pretty brunette marked the spirits of the French during her coronation. And her Miss Universe title isn’t for nothing!

The It-girl was voted most beautiful woman in the world in January 2017. And since then, the latter has never ceased to fascinate Internet users with her natural beauty.

Iris Mittenaere used her success to make many childhood dreams come true. Indeed, the top has chained the projects for several years. Cabaret, radio, television, fashion… the pretty brunette is on all fronts!

However, Iris Mittenaere is far from drawing a line on the start of her career! Diego’s sweetheart even seems very nostalgic for her years as a Miss!

Yesterday, the bomb decided to give a crown to remember her coronation on Instagram. And her photo was like a bomb on the Web!


Iris Mittenaere tasted a galette de rois with all her little family. The bomb took the opportunity to swap her Miss France crowns for a cardboard crown!

The young woman is all smiles and reveals her new favorite accessory. It didn’t take more to please her fans!

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Indeed, Internet users did not hide their enthusiasm when they discovered the star with a new crown. “You remain the Queen”, “The prettiest of all queens”, “Always so beautiful, even with this crown” can we read among the reactions.

Like what, Iris Mittenaere does not need a rhinestone crown to make her fans dream! And the latter was once again unanimous with her pretty shot!


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