Iris Mittenaere posing after Miss France 2021!


In Story of her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere shared a photo where she displayed herself truly sublime alongside Sylvie Tellier!

This Saturday, December 19, TF1 broadcast the 100th edition of Miss France. Despite the health crisis, the election did take place, but under special conditions. Iris Mittenaere and Sylvie Tellier were present during this evening.

Throughout the year, fans have wondered if TF1 will cancel Miss France 2021. Sylvie Tellier has also answered several times that the election would have read correctly. This year, Iris Mittenaere was part of the jury.

During the evening, Iris Mittenaere put on a truly incredible show for the fans. The pretty blonde has also unveiled outfits more beautiful than the others during the Miss France 2021.

This Sunday, December 20, the young woman shared a new photo in Story from her Instagram account. She was displayed alongside Sylvie Tellier who took over the reins of this election in France.


Initially, Iris Mittenaere appeared wearing a gray sequined playsuit. To complete her look, she also opted for a huge gray sequined train that was unanimous on the web.

The pretty blonde also showed off her Miss Universe scarf. Sylvie Tellier, meanwhile, opted for a very long beige dress with sequins. Both have taken a really radiant pose on the social network.

In the caption of her photo, Diego El Glaoui’s sweetheart also wrote: “5 years ago to the day, my life was turned upside down thanks to you. Thank you for making it all possible. ” One thing is certain, she was unanimous during Miss France 2021.

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Some also regret that Iris Mittenaere cannot stand for re-election every year. This year, it is the beautiful Amandine Petit (Miss Normandy) who takes up the torch!


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