Iris Mittenaere on vacation in Jade Hallyday’s BFF house!

After Saint-Martin, Iris Mittenaere landed in Morocco! And surprise! The beautiful lodge in the house of Jade Hallyday’s best friend!

The beautiful Iris Mittenaere has decided to take advantage of the end of 2020! So, she left her suitcases in a sumptuous villa in Marrakech belonging to the family of Jade Hallyday’s BFF!

Miss Universe 2016 was a hit on TF1 this weekend! She was sublime!

The latter presided over the beautiful ceremony which crowned Miss Normandy! The show was perfect, didn’t you think?

Either way, Iris Mittenaere lives at 100 miles an hour! After a family confinement in the mountains, the beautiful brunette took the direction of Saint-Martin with her darling!

A beautiful romantic getaway that they will not be ready to forget! Back in France, the young woman took over the management of Puy du Fou!

So we thought it was going to end there! Yet no, Iris Mittenaere has decided to go to Morocco … And not to just any house!

Indeed, it is a villa belonging to the mother of Jade Hallyday’s BFF!

We tell you more!


The world is really small ! Indeed, Iris Mittenaere is in the house of the mother of the BFF of Jade Hallyday!

Miss France 2016 has decided to spend the holidays in the sun in Marrakech! She is lucky!

So she might be able to meet Jade Hallyday! Indeed, the daughter of Johnny and Laeticia announced in the story that she was going to Morocco in a few days with her best friend!

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A good way to turn the page on this year 2020 that we will remember in a bad way… We can’t wait for it to end… And you?



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