Iris Mittenaere: Not her appearance in Ninja Warrior!


Bad news for Iris Mittenaere. In Ninja Warrior, her performance as a presenter did not convince the Web! The new season of Ninja Warrior has finally seen the light of day on TF1… Only now, Iris Mittenaere, one of the program’s presenters, has been criticized a lot by Internet users!

This year, Iris Mitteneare’s speaking time has been significantly reduced in Ninja Warrior! Indeed, Internet users have found that the beauty queen was not put forward as much as the 2 other presenters of the program: Christophe Beaugrand and Denis Brogniart!

Thus, the former Miss France has taken an avalanche of negative comments on social networks! Indeed, Internet users accused the beautiful brunette of being a green plant in the program!

Comments that will surely not please the beautiful Iris Mittenaere …


“Iris in Ninja Warrior what is it for?” Seriously, apart from making flowerpot, I wonder! “But Iris is useless this season, I don’t think we hear her! I wonder what Iris is for! “But why they never make Iris talk, seriously, it’s shocking! ”

“Iris Mitteanaere is the most expensive green plant on French television,” A magnificent green plant, and that’s not even hyperbolic! “” Back in the day, we called it a vase, right? She is still bad as a presenter Iris. ”

“Too bad, I watch Ninja Warrior almost ONLY for the sublime Iris… All so that she never speaks! It’s stupid anyway! ”

We can read on the social network Twitter! Negative tweets to say the least…. Comments that will not please the sublime Iris …

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