Iris Mittenaere makes a statement about Miss France!


The pretty Iris Mittenaere makes surprising revelations on the beauty contest of Miss France! We tell you more.

Iris Mittenaere comes out of her silence and makes revelations about the famous Miss France contest!

Iris Mittenaere was invited to the microphone of Europe 1 this Thursday January 7th. The pretty Miss then decided to take advantage of her time on French radio to tell the backdrop of the Miss France pageant.

If we suspect that the backstage may not be as glamorous as we are led to believe, the revelations of the pretty Miss only confirm these doubts. Indeed, Iris Mittenaere has made revelations about her preparation for the famous competition.

And what we take away from her testimony is that it is not good to take a few grams when you want to claim the title of Miss France.


Iris Mittenaere thus tells that the committee of Miss France was very careful that the Miss did not take a gram more. “They were like ‘well, they shouldn’t gain too much weight before the election’,” said the young woman.

The Miss France team therefore gave them “a little light” meals, says Iris Mittenaere. “But the problem was, it was too light,” recalls the young woman.

We obviously understand that the misses must pay attention to their line. Especially once the dress fittings were finished. But it seems that the organization of the competition has fallen to the extreme!

“When we cleared my suitcase of Miss France with my mother, we found stale bread” says the young woman. She explains that she hid bread in her bags so that she could eat it secretly at night!

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The young woman specifies that she spoke about it to the Miss France committee. “I told them that frankly it wasn’t possible. Since then, they have changed and the girls are no longer rationed, ”she assures us.


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