Iris Mittenaere makes a declaration of love for Diego!


Iris Mittenaere has been in a romantic mood since Valentine’s Day! Indeed, the star has made a new declaration of love to Diego!

Iris Mittenaere has again capsized the hearts of her fans! And for good reason: the top has made another fiery declaration of love to her darling Diego! We let you discover her lovely message in the rest of the article!

Iris Mittenaere has been on cloud nine since her meeting with Diego El Glaoui! Indeed, the former Miss has found a perfect balance with her boyfriend. And the latter then lives a true fairy tale by her side!

The duo share the same passion for travel and luxury excursions. They travel the world and experience unforgettable moments together!

Iris Mittenaere is also not afraid to show her man on the Web. On the contrary, the It girl often poses with Diego to share her happiness with her fans!

The young couple has therefore become essential on social networks. More and more Internet users are joining them to follow their love story as the days go by! Unbelievable !

This weekend, Iris Mittenaere and Diego caused another sensation for Valentine’s Day! Indeed, the lovebirds have been more complicit than ever and have not stopped declaring their love in public!

But beware ! The iconic duo don’t plan on stopping there! Indeed, they don’t need Valentine’s Day to celebrate their love! Iris therefore shared a new fiery statement to her darling to start the week off right!


The star has decided to post a new photo with her man. This time, we can admire the couple in a nice moment of complicity!

Iris Mittenaere and Diego exchange a fiery kiss in the streets of Paris. The lovers wear a very classy outfit and pose like real movie stars! We love !

The former Miss Universe takes the opportunity to declare her love for her lover. She wrote in the caption: “I am so grateful to have you in my life”. No doubt: the star is still crazy about Diego!

For once, Iris Mittenaere caused a sensation with this tender declaration! Indeed, Internet users could not resist the charm of the couple. And many of them reacted on the Web!

Like what, the famous duo still fascinates fans as much! It must be said that their love story is a real fairy tale!

Between their lovely moments of complicity at home, their dream trips and their projects for 2, Iris Mittenaere and Diego are a hit! And the young couple has not finished selling dreams to Internet users!

Some fans are eagerly awaiting the wedding of the two stars. So, will they soon reach a new milestone in 2021? To be continued !