Iris Mittenaere Looks Like Glamorous: Alarm For New York


Iris Mittenaere Looks Like Glamorous: Alarm For New York. Iris Mittenaere posts a video on Instagram. The beautiful and sexy diva lounging on her sofa facing a breathtaking view of New York.

The beautiful and sexy Iris Mittenaere has a great time at The Dominick Hotel in New York. Once again, it amazes Web users. Miss Universe publishes a new video on her Instagram account that is a sensation.

The video starts on a background of soft music, a masculine, sensual voice (July 19). Closed curtains, lights yellow-tidy atmosphere, champagne and small treats on the table … A charming and luxurious room is offered to us. Until Iris Mitternere emerges from the left side and rushes to the couch. Little by little, the curtains open and give us a breathtaking view of the city of New York.

You can see her video.

A fairy tale, a princess life. Iris Mittenaere is lucky. “Hello New York City” captions the young woman from … below her post. Of course the sequence is the buzz, all users are conquered. More than 250,000 people watched the video. As you can imagine, messages from Internet users are very numerous.

A fan is already lying on her couch. Even if she jealous a little the sight of Iris Mittenaere, she is still happy for her! “Tomorrow night when I go back from school, after a day (we do not have the same view though),” she wrote then. “You make me want to go to New York so much,” writes another follower.

Sparkling, beautiful and sexy, Iris Mittenaere receives a lot of compliments. “Hello, the most beautiful, you have helped me so much to reach my dreams. Iris loves you so much, you are an example “can we also read. “I do not know what’s more beautiful, you or the view … but if you, of course! “Wonders another person … but ultimately, slice the situation quickly. Miss Universe is intimate with its subscribers. She enjoys answering them and especially like their comments.

In addition to being a sublime woman, she is also an excellent community manager.

You can see her instagram.

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