Iris Mittenaere is reacting anti-Semitic towards Provence!


Following the controversy concerning Miss Provence, the former Miss Iris Mittenaere wanted to react on her Instagram account!

During Miss France 2021, Miss Provence (also known as April Benayoum) revealed that her father was of Israeli origin. Info that sparked a number of anti-Semitic messages on Twitter. Iris Mittenaere therefore wanted to react to this controversy, on Insta.

At the microphone of BFM TV, Miss Provence explained that she had lodged a complaint. “It had never happened to me. In my previous elections, I never had to face such comments (…) I especially do not want this moment to be wasted by a handful of evil people, “she confided.

April Benayoum admitted not wanting to crack, specifying that she wanted to keep the “positive” of this “extraordinary” evening.

But if there is one who can understand what it is like to come to this competition, it’s Iris Mittenaere. Indeed, this young woman was elected Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2015, Miss France 2016 and Miss Universe 2016, thus becoming the 65ᵉ Miss Universe.

So Iris Mittenaere wanted to speak on social networks.


Iris Mittenaere therefore took over her Insta account, for a very specific reason. In the Story of the Day, the young woman published the Tweet from an Internet user who said: “Uncle Hitler, you forgot to exterminate Miss Provence”.

The former Miss then commented, “Just want to throw up.” Thus, the latter does not seem to like this kind of talk about Jews at all.

Iris Mittenaere ended up adding: “Never fold. Never tolerate. Never let it go. Hatred will never win out. ” By this message, the beautiful appealed to tolerance among her fans.

Hopefully this will have an effect on her fans and that Miss Provence wins! To be continued !


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