Iris Mittenaere is previewing her new project with Sidaction!


Iris Mittenaere is starting the year on a roll. Thus, the young Miss has just participated in an action for Sidaction!

Being Miss France or Miss Universe means setting an example. And that, Iris Mittenaere understood well.

Interviewed by Paris Match, Iris Mittenaere admits to having a lot of plans in mind for the year to come. “I am lucky to be on TF1, I do influence, model, radio on Chérie FM. So I have the chance to do everything I have always dreamed of, to test several professions. I didn’t want to choose just one. For 2021, I have projects coming up, which I hope will be successful … “, she explains.

And the least we can say is that the young woman attacked very quickly. Thus, on its social networks, the latter highlighted its action for Sidaction. In the caption of a photo of her, in Story, she writes “Truly obsessed” as well as “shooting @sidaction”.

According to her smile, Iris Mittenaere seems happy about her afternoon, which has turned out to be very productive. In a second Story, the beautiful details: “the shooting of the day, the last photo selections made, 1 written column, a visit to the site, to the accounts and we are going to have dinner with Diego who has just come back from work”.


What could be better than ending the day with a good meal together? Iris Mittenaere intends to relax in the arms of her dear and tender, Diego El Glaoui.

As a reminder, in September 2019, during Paris Fashion Week, the couple had formalized their romance under the flashes of cameras.

Since then, Iris Mittenaere does not hide her happiness. “We have the same outlook even though we come from very different backgrounds. Diego is Moroccan and grew up in Paris. Me, I come from the North, I was raised in the countryside… We are very complementary, ”she explained a few days ago.

The young woman also confided her wedding desires. However, Iris Mittenaere intends to focus on the present.

So, this Monday, January 11, the latter posted an adorable photo of her and her sweetheart on social networks, on the occasion of the young man’s 33rd birthday. ” Your day. My whole life, ”she captioned the loving, black and white shot.

There is no doubt that the young man appreciated this post full of romanticism from his darling. In any case, Internet users have reacted en masse!

“Your best photo! “,” Happy birthday to your man! Team January 11! 😘😘😘 “,” Oh nah, I thought you got married! 😱😍💍💕 You are too beautiful Babouches and happy birthday to Diego 🎂😉 ”, we can read in the comments.

One thing is certain, if the beauty has succeeded in building anything among her many projects, it is her relationship with her man. Full of happiness to them!


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