Iris Mittenaere is out of shape due to high school care


Iris Mittenaere warns her subscribers against a very particular facial treatment. She explains that she has already been disfigured.

Iris Mittenaere is often treated at Lutetia. The young woman struggles with old marks and scars on her face. But before falling on this institute, another completely disfigured it. She returns to this perilous experience.

So on Instagram, she prefers to warn her subscribers about a certain technique. This is called “micro needling”. A practice that stimulates blood circulation using small needles. Not very engaging seen from that angle.

Normally, this technique is used to remove stains that do not want to go. But not only, some use microneedling to restore radiance to their complexion. But according to Iris Mittenaere you have to be very careful where you do it.

In Instagram story she explains. “Watch out for the micro needling, I’ve seen your posts about salons I don’t know. I don’t recommend the act everywhere at all. The former Miss France even talks about her personal experience.


In story, the young woman therefore reconsiders her bad experience. “Because it is very dependent practitioner a bit like the peeling (I was disfigured in Lille for a peel for 3 weeks… I didn’t want to do anything on my skin after that… and in Paris, I had a bad experience too) ”

But Iris Mittenaere does not give up. In the end, she manages to find an institute that suits her. “So I have complete confidence in Lutetia Paris, so I’m only talking about how I feel about them! ”

But once again, Iris Mittenaere warns her subscribers against this care. “And advise you to be careful, to watch the notices, to do nothing if you don’t feel it.” It’s not a classic facial treatment ”. So watch out!


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