Iris Mittenaere is infatuated with Diego El Glaoui!


On Instagram, the former Miss France, Iris Mittenaere, was very in love with her darling, Diego el Glaoui!

Former Miss France Iris Mittenaere is very in love with her sweetheart Diego El Glaoui on Instagram!

Iris Mittenaere is a real it-girl! Indeed, the former Miss Universe shares her whole life on social networks!

Yes, on Insta, Iris Mittenaere regularly shares moments of her daily life. We can therefore see her hiking with her darling Diego, still on vacation with him, but also in evening dress for a romantic outing!

In short, when Iris Mittenaere is around, Diego El Glaoui is never far away!

And for good reason, the couple is very close.

In fact, the last post from the ex-Miss France proves it once again. Indeed, Diego El Galoui surprised his beauty by joining her on the set of his shoot!

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more straight away!


On Instagram, Iris Mittenaere appears regularly accompanied by her darling, Diego El Galoui. It must be said that the couple is inseparable! Yes, Iris can’t do without Diego, and vice versa!

So inevitably, when her darling surprised her to join her on the set of her shoot, Iris Mittenaere was delighted. So much so that the pretty brunette wanted to share some of the love she has for her sweetheart, on Insta!

Indeed, the ex-Miss France posted a series of pictures, where we see the couple, more in love than ever. Yes, hand in hand in the streets of Paris, where kissing on a porch of the capital, the couple seem more solid than ever.

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In short, more romantic than these photos, you die!


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