Iris Mittenaere is happy with her career and what it is!


Iris Mittenaere has confided in her career! The star is very proud of her career and feels ready to take on new challenges!

Iris Mittenaere is a happy woman! Indeed, the star thrives fully in her career and her pro projects! She has also made a small assessment of her career since Miss France! And it’s amazing! We tell you everything!

Iris Mittenaere has come a long way since her election as Miss France in 2016. Indeed, the pretty brunette has been able to use her coronation as a real springboard! And the latter has therefore remained a star in France!

The It girl isn’t afraid to take on a lot of challenges. On the contrary, the 28-year-old loves to get out of her comfort zone. And she does not hesitate to get involved in many surprising projects!

Fashion, cabaret, TV, or even radio… Iris Mittenaere has more than one string to her bow! And the top succeeds everything she does!

Today, the former Miss has therefore become a real business girl. Diego’s sweetheart knows what she wants and is fighting hard to make her wildest dreams come true.

The It grill has therefore seen its career explode for a few months. It must be said that she does things halfway when it comes to work!

Iris Mittenaere is therefore very proud of her professional career! She thus made some small confidences to her fans on this subject via her Instagram story!

Iris Mittenaere happy with her career and the woman she is!


The former spoke openly about her journey in an interview with the Girl Scouts. The star has therefore explained what has animated and motivated her since she was little!

But that’s not all ! Iris Mittenaere also gives some advice to her fans for success in professional life. And the latter applies many tricks to stay true to herself despite her success.

The bombshell said on Instagram, “It’s interesting to look back on my journey, what drives me and helps me make decisions.”

The star is very attached to his values ​​”To be faithful to who we are, and to disappoint the whole world rather than ourselves. I’m talking about what helps me feel good and confident in my choices. ”

No doubt, Iris Mittenaere is therefore very proud of the woman she has become, and of her career choices! And the latter seems determined to continue on this path!

The bomb continues to surprise its fans with ever more ambitious projects! She is currently a columnist on Chérie FM and continues to collaborate with many brands! Like what, his advice works perfectly!

The former Miss France has not finished talking about her!


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