Iris Mittenaere is getting ready for Valentine’s Day!


Iris Mittenaere is slowly but surely preparing Valentine’s Day! She appears very sensual three weeks before this great moment!

Only three weeks before Valentine’s Day! While the risks of celebrating lovers in confinement increase, Iris Mittenaere offers a new idea: the love Calender!

Because before celebrating lovers, you have to know how to have fun … especially at this time. Miss France 2016 therefore had an idea: to prepare for the party several days in advance. But especially with gifts!

Everyone knows the Advent calendars … But they only exist at the end of the year. For the moment. So this is the question asked by Iris Mittenaere: what if we made a loving Advent calendar?

The Miss therefore offers “a surprise full of love” for couples. In collaboration with Nocibé and Lancôme, she therefore prepares a pretty box full of gifts. To be opened before the big feast of February 14!

Very happy to present this new creation, Iris Mittenaere is launching it in several Insta stories. She seems very proud to talk about this “countdown to Valentine’s Day.” ” Too cute !


While celebrating her second love affair with Diego, the Miss is therefore preparing a surprise for her subscribers … But they, above all, expect a surprise from Diego! Because the two are talking about marriage …

Since the beginning of their relationship, in September 2019, Iris Mittenaere and her darling seems to spin the perfect love. They spent the end of the year celebrations with Monsieur’s family in Morocco …

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Iris Mittenaere is happy to celebrate Valentine's Day!

The first real moments of the Miss with the family of her lover. But everything is going well, and so she talks about it in a live: they are thinking of marriage. So maybe that’s the surprise at the end of the Love Calender?

So we will have to wait three weeks to find out … Meanwhile, Iris Mittenaere offers new loving ideas to her fans. Adorable!


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