Iris Mittenaere is delighted to celebrate with Diego!


Subject to curfew, Iris Mittenaere celebrates her birthday one-on-one with her darling Diego El Glaoui. And they seem to be having a good time!

As you probably know, Iris Mittenaere celebrated her 28th birthday yesterday. The beauty queen seems very happy to celebrate it alongside Diego El Glaoui, the man who has shared her life for over a year!

Between Diego El Glaoui and Iris Mittenaere, it is crazy love. Since their meeting, the 2 lovebirds never let go of a single sole!

Happier than ever, they do not hesitate to show their happiness in the eyes of all. Internet users love their pictures and their little moments spent together!

And for once, there is a hell of a lot. Their various social networks are overflowing with it! You have to believe that they really love each other more than anything.

Fans of the 2 stars are moreover several million to follow their crazy adventures on the Web. Iris Mittenaere has more than 2.5 million subscribers on Instagram!

Yes, you did hear it. And to the delight of her large audience, she spends a good part of her time feeding her account with exclusive content.

On the night of Monday, January 25, the very famous blogger thus unveiled her little romantic evening. They celebrate the 28 years of the Miss in music!


Born January 25, 1993, Iris Mittenaere celebrated her 28th year yesterday. Her Miss France scare goes back 5 years! Time goes by.

Subject to curfew, like all the French, the beauty queen then spent her evening alone with her darling Diego El Glaoui.

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In her Instagram story, she then unveiled the course of the latter. And for once, they seem to have had a great time together!

So we see the handsome brunette bringing him a huge slice of cake while jiggling around his funny playlist. He looks good!

The social media star has fun discovering a match for a candle. The man who has shared his life for over a year does it with the means at hand!

“A match for a candle and a strange soundtrack,” she declares. But she still seems very happy. It must be said that Diego El Glaoui put the package!

Also in his story, we see them having fun and dancing in front of the camera. There’s no doubt they don’t need anyone to have a blast!

One thing is sure then, the star couple is not done talking about him … We let you take a look at the crazy Instagram story of Iris Mittenaere.


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