Iris Mittenaere in her little yellow underwear!


On Insta, Iris Mittenaere posed in a very sexy yellow lingerie set. And frankly, the young woman is just sublime!

On Instagram, Iris Mittenaere posed in a sublime set of yellow lingerie. And to be honest, the former Miss Universe was just glowing in it.

Iris Mittenaere is definitely a real it-girl. Indeed, Miss France shares her whole life on social networks. So, on Insta, we can see her on vacation with her darling Diego, hiking in the mountains, but also striking a pose for different shoots.

And honestly, we love to follow the life of the young woman. At the same time, his daily life clearly sells dreams!

Yep, Iris Mittenaere goes to magical places, and poses for super trendy clothing brands.

But this time, it was without clothes that the pretty brunette posed. Indeed, Iris Mittenaere carried out a shoot for lingerie.

And frankly, in her yellow ensemble, she’s just radiant.

We tell you more!


On Insta, Iris Mittenaere posed, stretched out on an armchair, in a beautiful set of yellow lingerie. And frankly, the result is just sublime!

Indeed, on the few pictures visible on her Insta account, the former Miss Universe is both sexy and radiant. In short, we fully validate.

Especially since she is not wearing just any underwear! Indeed, the young woman wears a set resulting from the collaboration of the former Miss, Camille Cerf, with the lingerie brand Pomm’Poire. And to be honest, the result of this collab is just crazy! Yep, now we all want this gorgeous yellow outfit!

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Anyway, we love Iris Mittenaere supporting her Miss friends. Yep, as she wrote in her Insta post description “#womensupportingwomen”.

And that is great!


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