Iris Mittenaere in a Bikini Lying on the Sand on Instagram!


Iris Mittenaere is on the island of Saint-Martin. She is going to spend a few days there with her darling Diego. She takes the opportunity to take out the bikini.

Iris Mittenaere is still traveling! After his long stay in the Maldives, this time the destination is Saint-Martin. And of course, she takes her darling Diego with her. Another great week’s vacation in perspective for the couple. In the heat and in a bikini.

And of course, the couple stay in a sumptuous villa. Leaving with Air France, Iris Mittenaere was therefore very pampered on the plane. She was showing her meal with a beautiful cheese platter.

But after 9 hours of flight, she has arrived at her destination. Head for the island of Saint-Martin, which is part of the French Antilles. The island is located not far from Guadeloupe or Martinique.

A beautiful place to relax in the sun while it is very cold in the metropolis! In any case, she is delighted. Upon her arrival, the former Miss shares a video of the villa where she and her sweetheart will stay for her stay. And she is beautiful.

We can see an infinity pool that goes all around the house. A waking dream couldn’t be better.


The view from Iris Mittenaere’s villa is sublime. We then see the ocean in the distance and the coconut palms. In short, a postcard decor. And the young woman is “eager to discover the island” she confides in the story. So expect a guided tour of this beautiful place.

To do this, she posts a photo on her Instagram account on one of the beaches on the island of Saint-Martin. And she makes you want to go and sip a cocktail by the ocean. So in a bikini, she relaxes on the fine sand.

So we imagine that Iris Mittenaere pulled out her full set of bikinis for this trip. It must be said that we thought of them in the closet for at least 6 months. The young woman can take advantage of her trip for an extra dose of sunshine.


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