Iris Mittenaere: Her boyfriend Diego is giving her a surprise!


Iris Mittenaere caused a sensation on Instagram by revealing the surprise that her Diego had prepared for her for Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Diego, the darling of the beautiful Iris Mittenaere, has prepared a dream brunch!

This morning, on February 14, Iris Mittenaere had the pleasure of waking up to a mountain of sweets and other delicacies! A surprise brunch organized by his darling Diego El Glaoui!

Indeed, the latter has put the small dishes in the big ones to please his beautiful the day of the feast of the lovers! A nice touch that Miss France 2016 took the time to take a photo to share the image via her Instagram story!

Indeed, as a good influencer who respects herself, the young woman of 27 years has opened the appetites of her millions of subscribers with a snapshot of her table full of good things … An image that made your mouth water!

Thus, in legend, Iris Mittenaere took the time to thank the chosen one with her heart! “My love… Thank you for this sweet awakening! »She wrote! Thanks to which her darling will certainly be sensitive!

We now let you in turn admire the shot in question of Diego El Glaoui’s surprise brunch below! One thing is certain, the influencer couple must have enjoyed this feast! Warning the eyes…


On Valentine’s Day, Iris Mittenaere made a product placement for a kimono brand. Indeed, the latter has posted no less than 5 pictures, each one more magnificent than the next!

A post that the latter captioned as follows: “Ready for Valentine’s Day! And if I make him lose his mind, he won’t forget my first name with @leolive! “A post that Internet users loved! Indeed, the publication in question already has more than 86,000 likes, a real record!

The comments are also very numerous! Indeed, Internet users were keen to compliment the sensual shots of the beauty queen Iris Mittenaere!

“You are naturally beautiful, stay like Iris, you are sincere and smiling”, “How beautiful you are, this outfit will make her lose her mind for sure”, “You will have a wonderful Valentine’s Day alongside your darling! You are my favorite couple of influencers! ”

Can we read on the network of the beautiful Iris Mittenaere! Comments all more adorable than the others! An enthusiasm that will therefore please the main concerned as well as his better half, Diego El Glaoui!


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