Iris Mittenaere has revealed the topic list for Chérie FM!


Iris Mittenaere makes her fans want to listen to her. The columnist publishes her topics of the week on Chérie FM … Ask for the program!

Every noon on Chérie FM, Iris Mittenaere has carte blanche… She can therefore deal with subjects she wants to interest listeners! To bring fans, she teases her columns on Insta.

But what will she tackle this week? While she is entitled to a very light column in the Chérie Lunch, the Miss often decides to deal with subjects that are both funny and improbable, to listen to while eating.

Hairdressing trends, Dragibuses… Iris Mittenaere has already surprised her audience with very specific subjects, but very easy and fun to listen to. This is what Chérie FM listeners are asking …

It therefore continues in this vein. Even if the Miss does not forget to talk about the subjects which are close to her heart, such as Sidaction and Telethon. A white card that she uses to the full, so …

But how far? This is the question of the week. Iris Mittenaere answers it directly in her Insta stories. Her fans therefore already know which column they will want to listen to, which day …


Unless there is a last minute change, the Miss should thus address “the new booming messaging” this Monday. It must also be said that the update of the WhatsApp terms of service has created major scandals.

Next, Iris Mittenaere will talk about hydration on Tuesday before tackling “the three-step storage madness” on Wednesday. Thursday, the subject is likely to surprise, because it will speak about cinema, and more precisely of Cardi B!

The zany rapper could indeed pass in the dark rooms … A real surprise! Finally, on Friday, Miss France 2016 will talk about hydroalcoholic gel which could be a “threat to our jewelry”.

So these are the topics of the week… Girly, but not too much. Light subjects, but not too much. Culture, too: here is the program concocted by Iris Mittenaere to seduce her fans on Chérie FM!