Iris Mittenaere happy to enjoy the sun by boat in Paris!


The former Miss Iris Mittenaere took advantage of the (very rare) good weather in Paris to enjoy a boat trip on the Seine!

Today, the beautiful Iris Mittenaere took advantage of the good weather to take a walk! Indeed, the young woman even took advantage of a boat trip on the Seine.

While last week the thermometer showed negative temperatures … This weekend, we can say that the trend has completely reversed … And it is an understatement to say it!

Indeed, in Paris, this Sunday February 21, 2021, the temperature was around 20 degrees … A real record! So, Iris Mittenaere took advantage of the good weather to go out to fill up on vitamin D!

“A little boat ride?” »She posted via her Instagram story! And to add: “I am not very present in story at the moment because I follow the shootings, the appointments, the projects, the chronicles … I allow myself 1 hour for lunch on the Seine so I take you with me ! ”

Thus, the beautiful Iris Mittenaere shared several videos of her boat trip via her Instagram story! Images on which we could see the darling of Diego El Glaoui with a smile on her lips! We let you see it for yourself below!

Iris Mittenaere happy to enjoy the sun by boat in Paris!


Decidedly, ridicule does not kill … And luckily for Iris Mittenaere! Indeed, the beauty queen has just posted several photos of her via her Instagram feed! Pictures on which we can see the beautiful brunette fall as you go!

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A post that Miss France 2016 captioned with humor: “When you think you will be quiet on weekends … but Monday catches up with you very quickly 😅😂😂 (yes that head is when I felt it was finished for me…) I think this is my best portrait! So wrote Iris.

A publication that caused a sensation on Instagram! Indeed, the post bringing together this photo carousel has already accumulated more than 30,000 likes in just a few hours, a real record for the beautiful Iris Mittenaere!

The comments are also very numerous… And one thing is certain, the Net surfers validate the foolproof naturalness of the beautiful Iris! “It’s brave to post this kind of photo a little folder!” “There you go, that’s exactly why this is my favorite Miss France of all time! ”

Or again: “Nature painting, as they say! “” I love it, the photos are so beautiful Iris Mittenaere … Even if you fall at the end, you look gorgeous even with your legs in the air! »We can thus read on the social network of the sweetheart of Diego El Glaoui!

Comments all more adorable than each other that will please the beautiful 27 year old brunette! Indeed, even when she posts pictures of herself falling … Her fans love it! A great proof of commitment!


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