Iris Mittenaere happy Netflix turns her into Arsène Lupine!


Iris Mittenaere has just discovered the new series on Arsène Lupine. And she loves it! She encourages her fans to watch her tomorrow.

A new Netflix series is coming out tomorrow. This is a cover of Arsène Lupine with Omar Sy. And for the occasion Iris Mittenaere received a box from the platform. Inside, a little guide but also a nice bottle of champagne.

Omar Sy dust off Arsène Lupine the burglar gentleman. This character has been around for over a century and is highly regarded. So this time it’s a 21st century version that will hit our screens. We’ll give you a little history lesson.

Arsène Lupine was created in 1905 by Maurice Leblanc. So back then the style was very different. Top hat and monocle oblige. But this time, we can throw it all in the trash. This Netflix version is much more modern.

Iris Mittenaere was therefore able to see the series in preview. And you can feel the atmosphere directly from the box she just received. A small notebook, a bottle of champagne and small treats are inside.


The character of Arsène Lupine is a stealing gentleman, who impersonates but always for the good of others. He’s a good person. A modern-day Robin Hood. He takes from the rich to give to the poor. Iris Mittenaere really likes the atmosphere of the show.

And Omar Sy is also convinced. He said of the series: “Lupine, it’s everyone, it’s nobody, he is classy, ​​elegant, clever, one step ahead, seductive, chic, active… you can play anything, there is drama is fun, (…) there is action ”.

Iris Mittenaere therefore makes you want to watch this series. We will have to wait until tomorrow to take advantage of this series. And it looks pretty promising. We hope to like Lupine. But between Omar Sy and the atmosphere of the series, everything is shaping up to be auspicious.


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