Iris Mittenaere: Glaoui pecked because of her nephew Azel!


Diego El Glaoui can no longer do without his great-niece! So, would Iris Mittenaere’s darling be ready to become a dad?

Iris Mittenaere unveiled an adorable moment between her darling Diego and her little niece. And the young man cracked the canvas! We show you!

Iris Mittenaere loves to share her daily life with her fans. Every day, the top films all of her adventures to stay in touch with her subscribers. And the latter never hesitates to show her privacy!

So it’s not uncommon to see the top alongside her family. But that’s not all ! The it girl also appears with her darling Diego El Glaoui, to the delight of internet users!

Iris Mittenaere has not lost her good habits during confinement. Indeed, the star continues to film her days to distract the web.

The young woman decided to go to the mountains to confine herself with the family. And the latter was able to meet her little niece Azel!


The pretty brunette spends a lot of time with the little one month old baby. And her darling is also starting to get caught up in the game!

Yesterday, Iris Mittenaere unveiled an adorable video of the young man with Azel. The latter hugs the little girl to put her to sleep. Adorable!

Iris couldn’t resist discovering this scene. She thus immortalized the moment to share it via her story.

The sequence therefore quickly went around the web. It must be said that Diego is adorable with baby. And the latter takes his role of uncle very seriously!

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As always, the star couple received thousands of compliments on the web. Many Iris Mittenaere fans imagine the duo becoming parents!

So, are the it girl and her darling considering taking it up a notch? Case to follow!


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