Iris Mittenaere gives Amandine Petit a surprising warning


Iris Mittenaere, crowned Miss France in 2016, warned Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021. In love, she will have to be careful.

Iris Mittenaere, former Miss France 2016 and Miss Universe, remembers not having had luck in love during her reign. Amandine Petit will she suffer the same fate?

Since Amandine Petit was elected Miss France 2021, the new beauty queen has hidden all traces of her love affair.

Indeed, the pretty 23-year-old blonde has shared her life with a certain Julien for six years now. However, the one who succeeds Clémence Botino prefers to keep her relationship private.

Despite her best efforts, a question arises: will she succeed in keeping her man throughout her reign? According to Iris Mittenaere, it’s not so sure …

Thus, the former Miss France and Miss Universe 2016 revealed that there is a “curse” in the Miss in love. They can’t juggle their missions and their relationship!

“Frankly, it’s hard being in a relationship this year,” she explained. And for good reason: “It’s been a year full of upheavals, we don’t really know where we are. ”

So “we no longer really know who we are, even (…) we are no longer called by our first name, but Miss France,” continued Iris Mittenaere. Before adding, “It’s a little weird. ”


So, Iris Mittenaere hopes that the new Miss France 2021, Amandine Petit, will not meet the same fate. Will she manage to keep her love affair?

“It’s hard to even know what you want, and to make room for someone in your life,” thought the pretty brunette. So this is a caveat …

In any case, Diego El Glaoui’s sweetheart wishes him wholeheartedly to achieve it. Hopefully Iris Mittenaere got her case wrong.

And that the pretty blonde with blue eyes will overturn all the forecasts. See you in a year, when she will pass her crown to another…!