Iris Mittenaere gives a sensual vibe with her new locks!


Iris Mittenaere has made some highlights in her beautiful hair! She therefore revealed the result to us in an Instagram story!

What a beauty ! Iris Mittenaere showed us her new locks in her hair!

Very close to her community, the beautiful brunette never hesitates to reveal her daily life to us … To our greatest happiness!

Thanks to her, we discover a rather natural side of Miss France! Indeed, Iris Mittenaere shows us that a Miss is above all a woman like everyone else!

Thus, Miss Universe is revealed very often without makeup and in rather casual outfits! We love it, don’t you?

He even sometimes makes us laugh with her looks of the day! Indeed, for this second confinement, she decided not to take the lead …

To host her show for Chérie FM radio, she therefore opts for a bathrobe! Eh yes ! Iris Mittenaere likes to be comfortable in all circumstances and to save time in the morning!

Indeed, Miss Universe 2016 recently revealed that she does not have a morning routine because she prefers to stay in bed as long as possible… A little marmot Iris?


Regardless, Iris Mittenaere likes to show her followers what she does with her daily life, but also her looks. Thus, with each change, it shows us the result!

Today, the beautiful brunette shared with us her new locks in an Insta story! Very pretty !

Indeed, the result is rather discreet but it suits him really well! We love her hair… They are so shiny!

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In this story, another detail can be of concern… Yes! Iris Mittenaere teases us!

As she mentioned at the bottom of this famous story, she will be shooting this afternoon for “a crazy project”. Wow, we really want to know what this is about!

To be continued …


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