Iris Mittenaere: the former Miss World has a crazy dream!


Iris Mittenaere has already fulfilled at least half of her dreams, but she still has her head full. The former Miss Universe still has a wish, that of changing careers. We explain to you!

Indeed, the young woman is never short of ideas, and still has desires and dreams for his career that is far from coming to an end. Since his reign Miss France, then Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaere has touched almost everything! At only 26, she appears on TF1 frequently, hosts the show Ninja Warrior, hold her own show at Paradis Latin. But that’s not all, she also wrote a book ‘Always believe it’. Plus, she would even become an influencer in her spare time on Instagram!

As much to say to you that it is not the ideas which miss the old miss. An extraordinary journey that she tells in her book! For her to be confined to one job is boredom, she prefers to touch everything! “I do not want to choose. I find it too sad. It was something that made me a bit nervous when I was little, to choose a single job. I find it horrible actually. […] I’m lucky to not have to choose, I want to do what I like, “she said in an interview with Télé-Loisirs.

Iris Mittenaere is a resourceful woman who does not stop at just 26 years old. She also explains wanting to shoot in a Bollywood production! A project quite feasible for this former candidate of Dance with the stars, but also current leader of review! She would put her dancing skills ahead! However, it remains realistic and knows that for this it takes more experience!

“It’s another job, it’s another job,” she added. So there are still other things that can be learned. Maybe not tomorrow because today I do not have the training for. But if one day I motivate myself, why not? Said Iris Mittenaere. In a few years, why not?


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