Iris Mittenaere feels “tapped” because of her iPad!


Iris Mittenaere shared a strange anecdote on Instagram. Indeed, the star discovered his iPad was bugged! We tell you everything!

Iris Mittenaere asked her fans for help on Instagram! Indeed, the bomb feels wiretapped because of his iPad. So she tried to find a way to turn off her microphone.

Iris Mittenaere is one of the most popular French stars on the Web. Indeed, the former Miss is a hit on Instagram and still creates a buzz with her photos.

Diego’s sweetheart has over 2.6 million fans on her profile. And yet, the latter remains very close to her followers!

Indeed, Iris Mittenaere has a very strong bond with her fans. She interacts with them on a daily basis and never hesitates to respond to their messages on social media.

The It girl has also gotten into the habit of telling all of her adventures through her story. Projects, vacations, married life … the bomb holds almost no secrets!

But beware ! The top is not content to show the beautiful sides of her life as a star! The bomb also tells about all its little galleys without tongue in cheek!

Yesterday, Iris Mittenaere shared a strange anecdote with her fans. The star found that his iPad was always listening to him!

The Influence couldn’t do anything on their tablet without being tapped! Something to worry about for his privacy!


Iris Mittenaere refuses to be spied on by her iPad. Indeed, some applications use the microphone to try to learn more about the users.

Diego’s sweetheart therefore asked her fans for help to mute her microphone. The top made a story call: “Friends, do you know how to make my iPad stop listening to me 24 hours a day on all apps? “.

Internet users did not hesitate a second before coming to the aid of the pretty brunette. Indeed, the top has received hundreds of tips to try to protect her privacy.

After several tries, the former Miss Universe managed to overcome this huge bug. She therefore thanked her community for their responsiveness.

“I was successful, thank you for your help. I muted everything + muted Siri but nothing changed, I turned my iPad off and on 3 times and poof! Faded away “.

Iris Mittenaere still suspects her iPad is bugged. She laughs, “I’m being bugged by the FBI, sure! “.

The star therefore prefers to laugh at this little mishap. And his internet users loved following his iPad issue live!

Like what, the sulphurous brunette can count on her community in any circumstance. The young woman always receives advice from her fans and learns a lot of things from them.

We therefore understand why the Miss can no longer spend social networks!


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