Iris Mittenaere explains everything well with her haters!


Iris Mittenaere has received heavy criticism in recent weeks. The star wanted to clear things up with her haters on Instagram.

Iris Mittenaere has been in a relationship for several years with Diego. The couple have rented a country house for containment, but are getting hit on Instagram.

Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui have always loved traveling and often make fans dream with their beautiful photos on Instagram. Nevertheless, because of the Covid-19, they had to put aside their passion.

The former Miss France and Diego remained in Paris during the first confinement. It had gone well, but the star seems to have struggled to live in her Paris apartment ever since. She admits that she needs to get away from it all, so she often goes on weekends.

For the second confinement, Iris Mittenaere and Diego confined themselves in a very beautiful place in the middle of nature. The starlet was able to work from home for a few weeks and shared some great photos.

Nonetheless, she receives big reviews on her Instagram posts. His haters accuse him in particular of not respecting sanitary measures.


Iris Mittenaere is found at the heart of many criticisms. It started because of his time in the countryside with Diego. Internet users do not understand why she can travel so much during a Covid period.

So, this Friday, November 20, the 27-year-old star wanted to put things straight. She said on Instagram that she respects the lockdown and just wanted to live for a few weeks in a house far from Paris.

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“When people say to me, ‘yes, I’m confinement, it’s not for the stars!’ We went to a family home to be alone in the world. You never go out except for an hour-long walk a day. », She confided.

However, Iris Mittenaere is especially shocked to see many Parisians in the streets in recent days. So, she doesn’t understand why she takes so much criticism.

“I think if there is someone who respects the confinement it’s me … out of respect for my sister-in-law who gives herself like crazy in the hospital,” she said. At least things are clear !


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