Iris Mittenaere: Diego falls in love thanks to Misses!


On his Instagram account, Diego El Glaoui made it clear that his wife Iris Mittenaere had made him fall in love again thanks to the Misses

A few hours ago the Miss France 2021 ceremony was held. The competition which allows us to elect our most beautiful woman in our country. If Iris Mittenaere was already elected several years ago, that does not prevent her from coming to say “hi” to the delight of Diego.

Indeed, remember that the pretty brunette was also elected Miss Universe during her reign. This is also why she can come back every year to visit the girls in the running. History to advise them for their future.

In any case, if there is one person who must not have seen Iris Mittenaere return during the evening, it is Enora Malagré. The former TPMP member is having some trouble with Miss France. Indeed, she has always expressed her disgust for this “sexist and misogynistic” event.

For the 2021 edition, the pretty blonde has struck again and expressed all her anger at the many events taking place during the evening. Even making the choice to definitely stop his evening and watch another program.

It would still be a shame if she hadn’t been able to see Iris Mittenaere arrive in her lavish dress. A dress that you can also find below:


Because yes, we know that the physique of the darling of Diego El Glaoui divides. Some find it beautiful and others not that much. At the same time, everyone’s tastes and colors are not the same for everyone.

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Even so, if you’ve been able to see the shot above, it’s clear that Iris Mittenaere is still as sublime as ever. Almost giving us the impression that she’s taking part in the Miss France pageant yet again. Whereas she already won it several years ago.

Well as you can see, her darling Diego even seems to have fallen in love with her again according to her words. It is true that living with such a woman allows us to fall “in love” with her again every day.

Too bad we couldn’t re-elect Iris Mittenaere this year, that would undoubtedly have avoided some unnecessary debates…


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